Setup Web Cameras

Please follow the instructions below to install and configure your phone to view the cameras in the tennis club. You only have to perform this set up procedure once.

1. Download “DMSS” from the App Store

For iPhones, go to the “App Store”; for Android Phones, please go to the “Google Play”, and download the app: DMSS

2. Open the DMSS App and Select the Country of Residence

   Follow with the final instructions.

3. Add Devices on DMSS

Referring to the image below, click the Top Right Corner to add new device. In particular, the device is the network video recorder in the clubhouse.

4. Click SN/Scan

5. Tab the “Manually enter SN” button and enter the serial number of the device

Serial Number: 8H04C19PAZCE07B

NOTE: The serial number contains two zeros not two O’s.

NOTE Leave security code empty.

6. Tap on the type of device identified as NVR

7. Enter settings as described below and shown in the red boxes below

  1) Enter a device name for the NVR: 
You can decide to name the device whatever you want.

  2) Enter the user account’s name and password of the device:

  • User: Public (note the capital P)
  • Password: Tyandaga23@

  3) Tap Save

8. In Home Page, click “Live” to see the cameras.

You don’t have to repeat this set up procedure. Then next time you invoke DMSS you will be ready to view the cameras.